The guide is a 'how to' and broken down into the following sections:

# 1 Calculate.

It will take you through how to calculate your program's emissions, including an accompanying spreadsheet tool.

# 2 Reduce...

Practical examples where you and your students can make carbon emissions.

# 3...Compensate...

When you can't reduce, here's how to mitigate the effects of your carbon output.

# 4...Educate.

Embed climate action and sustainability education on your program.

Recommendations for right now.

Go straight to this section for high-impact measures you can take in the short term.

Key contacts and co-authors

Stephen Robinson

Director and Professor

Champlain College, Dublin Campus (Ireland)

Mark Blakemore

Chief Partnerships Officer,

Big Pond Education, Ireland

Karl Dowling

Chief Operating Officer,

Big Pond Education, Ireland